User Research, Interaction and Interface design

Project Overview

User: Employer (Hiring Managers)

While working at Snagajob I lead the redesign for the Employer ‘Prospects’ mobile experience. The idea behind this feature was it allowed an employer to access a list of potential candidates that are likely suited for a given job. At a high level, the information provided gives the employer a quick overview of the candidates assessment scores, snagScore, availability, work experience, education, references, etc.

User Research

From research, a majority of employers will reach out to applicants via Phone call to screen the candidate to get a better sense of their personality. From there they’ll move them forward in the hiring process if they seem to be a good fit. With that in mind, I designed a way for them to quickly reach out to the applicant via call or email.

The employer can also send the prospect an invite to apply which will notify the prospect that the employer is interested in them and eventually kicks off the application process.






Snagajob is the largest network for hourly job seekers and employers.

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