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Project Overview

Launchpad was a hackathon project that I designed and prototyped in three days while at Endgame.


The onboarding process for new employees was skewed and less than perfect. For new employees, there was currently no system for quickly ramping up on the products and finding the teams and people associated with them.


Over three days, I designed and built LaunchPad, an easy to use onboarding application for new employees. It would also act as a resource for anyone to quickly reference the vision, user stories, associated teams, features and walkthroughs for any of the given products.

Below is a  quick sitemap I put together on day one. I prefer to create a high-level site map of the application early on in my design process to get an overall idea of how navigation and flow would work. And then from there I design out each screen.






On the last day of the hack week I presented and demo’d the project. I did the prototype with Marvel App which is great for quickly getting to something clickable. I tend to switch between Marvel and InVision depending on the job at hand. Marvel has more of a selection of transitions and animations and given that I only needed to do a demo I chose to use it for this project. LaunchPad ended up winning the “Most Innovative” award and garnered interest to build it as an internal tool from many people within the company.


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