Interaction and Interface Design

Project Overview

I was contacted by the great team over at SamCart to redesign their existing admin dashboard and onboarding experience for new users. Since the beta release a few months ago, SamCart’s beta users have successfully processed more than $4,772,175 in sales. Given that SamCart was an existing product with existing users there was some prior learnings to help us move forward and work with.


One of the key issues involved the onboarding experience for new users. The current version did not direct users to what they should do upon logging in for the first time. So they were basically thrown into a blank state application with no direction. Not good. In addition to a less than perfect onboarding experience, the current UI was bland and looked generic.


The main purpose of SamCart is to provide sellers (the user admin) with the tools to provide their customers with a seamless, one-page checkout experience that the application is known for. As an admin using SamCart, this requires that they start adding products into SamCart as one of the first tasks. I designed the onboarding experience to do just that.

Some early wireframe concepts of the onboarding experiencedashboard-onboarding

Although simple, I wasn’t satisfied with the above flow and felt that something was missing. I did a few more iterations and came out with another set of wireframes that both I and the team were happy with and moved forward on. Additionally, there were a few more mandatory fields and actions for the “Checkout Settings” that the user had to take that were missing in the earlier wireframes. I also designed a friendly “Review” step that acted as both confirmation and a way for the user to generate a link to their newly created checkout page.







SamCart is currently being re-designed and improved. V1 is set to launch in a few months.

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